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Keeping receipts in digital format can make your life a whole lot simpler, and not only that, but it also leaves a paper trail for future retrieval. Thanks to the receipts scan apps above, we can easily manage our work expenses and travel receipts on the go. The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1600 is our top recommendation for those who have any job or small business that demands high quality, speed, and ease of use. Thanks to a large automatic document feeder and breakneck pace, this model turns a 50-page document into a PDF in a flash with a single push of a button. The resulting PDF looks great because this machine can accurately and crisply render everything from tiny text to detailed graphics. The user experience is also simple, as the iX1600 offers a large LCD touchscreen with an intuitive interface that makes both setup and daily use a breeze.

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Boris stated that when you use the “Tool | Backup” feature, it saves both the data and the images, and he felt he could demonstrate that on his system. I’ll check, but looking at the size of my backup file and the sizes of the database and image files, I believe it is true. The database backup is actually smaller than the original files, but good compression could do that and it is still much bigger than the database file alone, so I conclude it includes the images. But even better would be the ability to export the data to CSV file , modify the data in a spreadsheet or database program, and import it back into ScanSnap Receipt. Then you use any fancy logic you want to auto-fill any blank fields.

Who can benefit from OCR data capture software?

But if you need one, you almost certainly know already . If you find yourself merely wondering whether you need one, the answer is almost certainly no. Smart Receipts app is excellent for small business owners or even corporate employers who need to track employee’s expenses. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support our work.


\r\nTo why choose a career in accounting forward the document you’ve just scanned as an attachment to a new fax message, click the Forward as Fax button. To check to see if your scanner is properly installed, open the Device Stage. I wanted a scanner that would scan photos and sports cards. Some of the cards will not scan, but the ones that do come out fantastic. I bought the scanner because I needed a large amount of documentation to be scanned.

The Best Scanners for 2023

Other, more powerful scanning apps offer smart file naming, and can index the OCR-captured contents of each scan instead of just the title. And while Adobe has the security resources you’d expect from a large corporation, its record isn’t spotless. If automatically uploading to a different cloud storage service is important to you, consider SwiftScan. When you fire up the app, it opens right into the camera view so you can quickly capture the document in front of you.

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Both of these services boast of the security of their data storage systems. Furthermore, both OfficeDrop and Shoeboxed offer encryption and other security features to protect your sensitive data during the uploading process. I’ve found that lining up the guides to fit the super small receipts makes them scan perfectly. As an aside, I had difficulty finding the receipt software for download. I called Fujitsu and receive the best customer service I have ever gotten from a company.

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Make sure to organize your pile first before you continue with this process of going paperless. Start the next step with the current receipts and record new ones as they arrive. Once tax documents are digitized, they become storable and searchable, allowing for easy record retention and retrieval in case of audits or year-over-year comparative analysis. Scanning documents will eliminate the physical paper clutter which has likely mounted throughout the year and consolidate paperwork when filing taxes. Document scans, processes and is imported into the “Documents” folder.


(Make sure you save it to the ScanSnap Home folder.) Now I can search for text within the scanned documents. I put the Receipt Feeder back on to scan a small pile of thermal paper receipts and business cards. Within seconds I had a few new scans under Business cards and a few under a new Receipts section. I noticed that the ScanSnap Home app on my Mac organizes my scans by document type. Right now I have one section for documents, and another for business cards that contains my last two scans. I’ve been looking forward to scanning directly to cloud services using the scanner’s touch screen without having to use a computer.

The signup process took a few more steps than I expected, and once I signed up I added my email address and password to the ScanSnap Home app on my Mac, which automatically sent the settings to the scanner as well. The quality of the print and images in the PDF aren’t bad, but look a little pixelated and washed out on my Retina display. The original document wasn’t brilliant either, having been printed on a color bubblejet printer many years ago, but the scanned version is a little worse. Otherwise, you may prefer one of the less expensive scanners in our list of alternatives. I used the less expensive ScanSnap S1300i for years, and successfully scanned many thousands of paper documents. The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 is widely considered to be the best document scanner available for home offices.

I would prefer easy downloads where I don’t need to guess what I’m downloading. The scanner sits less than six feet from the Wi-Fi source, yet the signal strength often reports as poor. Restarting the router does nothing except take my very connected home off-line. How to scan a document To scan a document, first connect your scanner to your computer via a USB cable or wirelessly over Wi-Fi…. There were times I had difficulty locating the information I needed.

Transaction details contained in receipts, including the vendor, date of purchase, and amount. It’s now Wednesday night, five days later, and I haven’t had a response. That’s quite poor support, but I remain optimistic we’ll get it working. ScanSnap Cloud uses your phone’s camera to scan rather than your ScanSnap, so we won’t mention it further in this review.

Overhead scanners are specialized devices with elevated cameras for scanning book or magazine pages. The CZUR ET24 Pro comes with a foot pedal or desk button that frees your hands for turning book pages or placing new content on the scan platform. Many of us question the security of our data in the cloud, but because it’s a serious issue, developers have worked hard to make their systems more secure. Besides, numerous applications are available to choose from and we all have the freedom to decide which one to trust.

Unlike some competing apps, SwiftScan doesn’t send any of your data to its own servers or perform OCR in the cloud, so the app itself presents minimal security risks. (What you choose to do with your documents once they’ve been scanned is of course up to you.) If you’re an iOS user, it also offers PDF encryption, allowing you to password-protect your files. You can share scans via email with one touch , or you can tap the Share button to bring up the familiar Android or iOS share menu . You can also share OCR results as a TXT file or copy the text to your clipboard.

To prepare a multi-page document for our document scanner, use a paper clip to attach them together, and our receipt scanner team will scan them into your user account as one document. Both the Professional and the Business subscription includes an unlimited number of prepaid Magic Envelopes as a premium receipt scanning feature. Both also include integration with Quickbooks Online, a popular accounting software. We also offer a 20 percent discount when billed annually.


The engineers need to increase onboard cache so the scanner can manage scanning locally without worrying about the connection. This would also solve any issues of a lost connection during scanning, as the scanned documents would be stored locally ahead of sending them to the cloud . I also experience an error scanning to the cloud that the “attachment” was too large, at which point it stopped scanning and instructed me to change the scan quality or the attachment size.


How to old photos with care Before you start sorting through photos for scanning, it’s important to keep some special… It’s a premium scanner with a premium price, and if you need the features that are offered, it represents good value for money. But the ScanSnap Home app doesn’t store that information inside the PDF.

Your current project may not be big enough to justify the expense, but when combined with one or two others it would be. They offer a large variety of document capture and automation products starting with FineReader Profor individual or small business scale companies andFineReader Corporate. If you need to process many thousands or millions of pages, ABBYY has FineReader Server for full-text OCR and FlexiCapture for OCR data capture. Many companies are using their products for its flexibility and scalability, there is always a way to customize ABBYY OCR products to fit your automation needs. Users within a single department, working from home or who have a small business can simply scan their documents to a folder that is shared to everyone. In this “ad-hoc” scenario you only need some basic document scanning software to simplify and bring consistency to your filing system.

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