Yajue Cigarette Filter


– Usage Life per Filter up to 100 Cig.
– up to 70% Filtration
– Lowest usage cost per Cig.

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Yajue Cigarette Filter is a very finely calibrated scientific instrument designed for smokers who are addicts and are striving to quit smoking..

It provides intensive cigarette smoke filtration and eliminates Nicotine, Tar up to 70% before it reaches smoker’s lungs.


Comparison with other filters

Filter General Filters Yajue Cigarette Filter
Tar Filtration up to Mostly not more than 40% up to 70%
Filter Choking After 5-10 Cigarettes Doesn’t get choked as excess Tar flows into Tar holder Cup*
Taste and Aroma Smoke tastes bitter and cold as filter starts to choke. Not much change to taste and aroma of your favorite cigarette.
Drag Effort to Inhale Smoker has to apply extra effort to inhale which is dangerous & irritating experience. Easy to inhale. It provides a cooler and cleaner smoking experience.
Tar Holder Cup None – The deposited Tar enters smoker’s mouth giving very bitter and unpleasant taste. Yes – It comes with Tar holder cup where the excess Tar gets deposited preventing it to flow inside smoker’s mouth.
Single Filter Life Mostly 5-10 cigarettes More than 100 cigarettes**
Cost / Cigarette Rs.2 – Rs.5 / Cigarette Less than 50 Paisa/Cigarette.

Health Benefits of using filter

Yajue Cigarette Filter reduces the direct inhalation of tar, nicotine and other hazardous chemicals from the cigarette smoke in the form of CSC. Continuous use of filter proves to bring about positive effects in you.

Yajue Cigarette Filter provides great value for money. It is a very important accessory for cigarette smoker as it is helpful in following ways

  • Reduction in morning coughs.
  • Problem of breathlessness will improve.


Most Important, Those intending to quit smoking find that their craving and dependency for smoke tends to diminish with the continuous use of Yajue Cigarette Filter , thus making it easier to quit smoking, as you undergo minimum of the withdrawal symptoms like body pain, mood swings, and mental irritation.

How Yajue Cigarette Filter works


  • When the cigarette smoke passes through the filter passage, it traps up to 70% tar, nicotine on the filter rod and inside sleeve before it enters smoker’s lungs. Filtration reduces the concentration of smoke thus providing additional safety to your lungs and body.


  • But here please be warned, cigarette filters do not make smoking completely safe, as substantial toxins still enter your body. Most important, Yajue Cigarette Filter should be used only as part of a smoking cessation program.
  • Life of One Yajue Cigarette Filter is up to 100 cigarettes. A single pack of six filters can be used up to 500 cigarettes.
  • LET filter being manufactured with non bio degradable virgin polymers has got unlimited storage /shelf life* or can be easily said, if unused, up to 20 years* since packed. Product Material is recyclable; your care in proper disposal after use will help to keep the environment clean.



  • Reduce Nicotine Dependency
  • Reduce Cigarette consumption

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