How Older Workers Overcome Job Search Depression

Try not to take it personally if you’re not the right fit. Poor interview performance confirms those negative thoughts about yourself. Feelings of inadequacy prevent you from putting your best foot forward and landing that job. Care™ Drive productivity through sustained well-being and mental health for all employees with BetterUp Care™. Helpline responders are often volunteers or counselors.


And if you’ve been committed to it, you’ve logged a lot of hours and poured a lot of energy into the process. So, when an offer comes in for a job that doesn’t match what you set out to find, part of you may want to accept it just so the process can be over with. Remember, too, that when networking and asking for help, most people will be honored and flattered that you want their advice. They’ll most likely want to help in any way they can, and will go out of their way to make sure you have the resources and support you need, so don’t feel shy about asking for help, Cavanaugh says. “Make sure you’re networking and building relationships. That can lead to them feeling discouraged — I recommend starting with your ‘warm circle’ of ‘friendlies’ first and working outward from there to build up confidence,” she says.

Causes of post-graduate job search depression

Nothing can be more frustrating than being stuck in the process of searching for a job. The countless resumes, cover letters, and interviews can be exhausting and discouraging. You can eventually find yourself in a depressed slump, thinking you’re not good enough or you’ll never find a job.

  • But you’ll also limit this time to work on other productive tasks.
  • So, when an offer comes in for a job that doesn’t match what you set out to find, part of you may want to accept it just so the process can be over with.
  • People are often hesitant to share their job search-related anxieties for fear of seeming unconfident.
  • Id also like to add that you should include a personalized cover letter.
  • And when you add job hunting anxiety of job hunting to this mix, the impact on your mental health is only going to get worse.

Soon enough, you may overcoming job search depression to doubt yourself and your skills. You may feel as if you’re never going to land something valuable. Understanding and accepting that this totally normal experience happens to everyone at some point in their careers. Try to prevent negative thoughts from dominating your mind. Instead, practice gratitudeand think of the good things in your life.

Recognize job search burnout

Rather than blasting out as many resumes as you can handle, or only looking once a day, you should take a more targeted approach. You may even fear being forced to take a job you don’t enjoy simply for the paycheck. Mom guilt can prevent you from connecting with your kids, whether you’re a working mom or stay-at-home mom. Besides pressure from those around you, the pressure you put on yourself can cause you to have unrealistic expectations. And when you don’t meet them, you’ll only harbor more mental and physical stress, as well as burnoutand physical exhaustion. Just as you consider the position’s hours, workload, wages, employee benefits, location, and so on, they have certain qualities they’re looking for.

Job search can be hard at times but staying positive is very important as you look for a job. Look at the time of job searching in a way as a gift, try to explore and make the most of your job searching time by learning new skills. Creating a schedule for your job search can help keep the search from bleeding into every area of your life, which can sustain your motivation and keep you thinking positively. For example, you might set aside an hour everyday for job searching will help you find time to focus on other interests and relationships to recharge you mentally.

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You might not feel like you’ll be in a position to have options to decline an offer that isn’t the perfect fit for you. Feeling hopeless about your job search can go beyond your career planning. It can extend into your personal relationships and your self-growth. Unfortunately, job search depression is a vicious cycle.

Does depression affect your ability to work?

Depression, left untreated, may have a significant impact on work performance . It contributes to presenteeism, or employees at work but not engaged, and absenteeism, or employees missing days of work.

If you’re currently out of work, you may be feeling more isolated and alone. You’re left wondering what went wrong with no concrete answers. And the more time that passes, the worse you may end up feeling.

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